Chinese Carved Shell Carp with Cloisonne and White Crystal Bead Engraved with Golden Dragon Hair stick Hair Pin


This dazzling Chinese hair stick features a carp meticulously carved from black lip shell leaping boldly above the waves as well as an elaborately detailed golden dragon engraved onto a large white crystal bead.

According to Chinese legend and idiom "鲤跃龙门" (Carp leaps over the Dragon Gate), if a carp succeeds in leaping a waterfall at the Yellow River called the Dragon Gate, it would be rewarded for its effort by being transformed immediately into a dragon. Success in the imperial examinations was often compared to the carp which has succeeded in becoming a dragon. A popular motif in traditional Chinese art and crafts, it implies that hard work and perseverance would be rewarded with success.

This hair stick is perfect for encouraging a student taking exams or someone facing a major hurdle in life ;)

Materials: tassels, crystals, brass, golden dragon white crystal bead, cloisonné, wire, black lip shell carved carp, glass drop

Hairstick length: Approx 19.5 cm Tassel length: Approx 13cm