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Chinese Deep in the Courtyard Gardens Hair stick Inspired by Ouyang Xiu



Materials: brass, crystal, jade, cloisonne butterfly, glass teardrops

Metal hair stick length: Approx 18.5cm Dangle length: Approx 14.5cm

Inspired by my fav Ouyang Xiu poem 《蝶恋花·庭院深深深几许》 (Song dynasty) about a wife who waits in vain for her philandering husband’s return while trapped within her home.







I can’t seem to find a good English translation of this online so I may take a stab at translating it myself if I find the time and the mood.

The exquisite golden birdcage has a teeny bird in it representing the confined and lonely life of the lady in the poem who bemoans her faded youth and straying husband. The butterfly is cloisonne and the green glass teardrops represent the willows of the garden while the clear crystal teardrop represents her tears as she tearfully asks the flowers for answers.