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Chinese Longevity Peach


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According to Chinese mythology, the celestial peaches which grow in the garden of goddess Xi Wang Mu (Queen Mother of the West) confers immortality on those who eat it. Thus traditional buns in the shape of peaches are popular at birthday celebrations, especially those of the elderly, embodying auspicious wishes for good health and longevity.

Unlike real peaches or peach buns made of flour, these adorable longevity peaches lovingly hand-felted out of real wool will never spoil. They would make perfect gifts for a special someone, particularly for birthdays. Or they could sit quietly on a shelf beside you in your daily life, delighting you with their magical presence.
The small peach is needle-felted out of pure wool whereas the large one is wool needle-felted around a Styrofoam core with glittery angelina added. It's hard to capture the glitter via photos but I added bluish iridescent Angelina fibers to the large peach and golden Angelina fibers to its leaves in order to accentuate the celestial nature of the peach. 

These are decorative items, not toys, please keep out of reach of young children or pets.

Large Peach: Height: Approx 7 cm  Width: Approx 6 cm at the widest

Small Peach: Height: Approx 3.5 cm  Width: Approx 4.5 cm at the widest

Update: The small peach is sold out. Only one large peach available.