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Handmade Silver Foil Glass Bead Earrings with Gold Plated Cloisonne Chinese Endless Knots


Quintessentially Chinese earrings feature gold plated sterling silver earring hooks, handmade silver foil glass beads with cloisonne bead caps as well as faceted crystal drops and striking cloisonne Chinese endless knots. The Chinese endless knots here are made of high quality gold-plated cloisonne on a copper base.

The Endless Knot (called pan chang in Chinese) is an auspicious knot which symbolizes eternity and is also one of the Eight Auspicious Treasures in Buddhism. Chinese knotting is a traditional folk craft that is still popular today for decorating clothing, accessories, interior design and other practical purposes.

Materials: gold plated sterling silver earring hooks, brass, cloisonne, silver foil glass beads, crystal

Length: Approx  6cm