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Handpainted Inner-painting Bamboo Glass Bead Chinese Hair Stick


This breathtaking Chinese hair stick is made of luxurious African blackwood and features an unique handmade glass bead handpainted with bamboo using a special traditional Chinese technique called "inner-painting". This difficult technique is famously used for Chinese snuff bottles and involves painting on the inside of the glass using a special angled brush. As you can see from the photos, both sides of the bead are subtly different.


Demonstration on Youtube

There is also a flower carved out of natural black shell and a charming silver butterfly dangle accented by dainty speckled Czech glass teardrops.

Materials: African blackwood, brass, carved black butterfly shell, crystal, handpainted inner-painting bamboo glass bead, Czech glass, glass

Hairstick length: Approx. 18 cm Tassel length: Approx. 12cm