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Small Silver Chinese Comb With Carved Abalone Shell and Freshwater Pearls


Small alluring silver comb features a delicate orchid motif exquisitely carved out of whitelip pearl oyster shell, a flower carved out of iridescent abalone shell set off by silver leaves as well as an opulent dark purple/black tassel of beaded black dyed freshwater pearls, glass and crystals. The orchid symbolizes nobility, refinement and virtue and is one of the Four Gentlemen, plants greatly prized in Chinese culture.

This comb is small and light enough to accent any hairdo(see the measurements), even short hair.

Materials: brass, carved abalone shell, carved whitelip pearl oyster shell, Czech glass, crystal, dyed black freshwater pearls, glass seed beads

Measurements: Horizontal: Approx  4.5cm Vertical length: Approx 7.5cm Tassel length: Approx. 8.5cm