March 2015

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Guan yin Amulet

Guanyin My mother got this from the Guan Yin temple for 平安(peace/well-being) and 发财(wealth) for me. I'm not really a believer but we'll see if lotsa money comes rolling into my bank

周杰倫【天涯過客 官方完整MV】Jay Chou "Tian-Ya-Guo-Ke" MV

[youtube=] Vincent Fang, Jay Chou’s lyricist, is probably the highest profile Chinese/Taiwanese celeb who supports hanfu. Besides organizing hanfu activities in China, he has appeared on Taiwanese TV promoting hanfu. Behind the scenes filming this MV: [youtube=]

《禮儀之邦》"The Land of Rites and Courtesy"

[youtube=] MV promoting hanfu and traditional manners by the hanfu movement in China.