June 2015

Singapore has opened up post-pandemic, so the shop is re-opened for business! Sorry for the long wait!

Black Lip Shell and Cherry Blossom Buyao Hairstick 黑蝶贝樱花步摇

0051w Materials: black lip shell hairstick, white shell sakura, crystal, brass, shell pearls, glass butterfly and teardrops Hairstick length: Approx 12.5 cm Dangle length: Approx 9.5cm The black lip shell was chosen for its natural iridescence(look at the greenish part) which you can see in the photo. The silver colored dangle at the end represents a peacock's feather.

Cold Plum Reflects the Snow Buyao Hairstick 寒梅映雪步摇

0050-1w 0050-2w Materials: brass, rabbit fur, crystal, red agate, freshwater teardrop pearl Hairstick length: Approx 14cm Dangle length: Approx 9.5 cm Meant to evoke the crystalline purity of fresh plum blossoms in snow. The pearl used is a natural freshwater teardrop pearl. It's actually inspired by my favorite tune (^3^) This is the character theme music of a character from Taiwanese Pili Puppet Show 霹雳布袋戏。[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2uG4Zuc0-Y[/embed]

Blue Peony with Cloisonne Butterfly Buyao Hairstick 蓝牡丹景泰蓝蝴蝶步摇

0049-1w 0049-2w Materials: brass, acrylic peony, opal, jade, cloisonne butterfly,glass, shell pearls Hairstick length: Approx 13.5cm Dangle length: Approx 11 cm Tinkly if you like the sound.Love the cloisonné butterfly.

Purple Lotus and Morning Glory Buyao Hairstick 紫色莲和喇叭花步摇

0048-1w 0048-2w Materials: dyed bone(bovine), resin, brass,jade, glass, crystal, shell pearls Hairstick length: Approx 10cm Dangle length: Approx 13 cm The lotus is a symbol of purity and transcendence in many Asian cultures.It grows out of the mud in the darkness but remains unstained. (Yeah, it happens to be my studio logo too (^_-)y )

Purple Resin Flower with Butterfly Buyao Hairstick 紫色树脂蝶恋花步摇

0047-1w0047-2w Materials: brass, resin, jade, glass, purple freshwater pearl,crystal Hair stick length: Approx 18.5cm Dangle length: Approx 8cm The pearl is a naturally purple freshwater pearl and the Czech glass teardrop a gorgeous shifting bluish-purple.

Peony and goldfish buyao with fluorite bead/牡丹金鱼萤石步摇 [SOLD]

0046-1w 0046-2w 0046-3w Materials: brass, resin, crystal,shell pearls, fluorite Hairstick length: Approx 16.5cm Dangle length: Approx 9.5cm Resin peony. The natural fluorite bead is green with a blush of purple(it looks darker in the photo because of the lighting).

Crescent moon and silver rabbit buyao/月牙银兔步摇 [SOLD]

0045-1w 0045-2w Materials: brass, shell pearl, crystal, opal, carved shell Hairstick length: Approx 18cm Dangle length: Approx 13cm Rabbit in the moon theme with whimsical carved shell crescent moon and silver rabbit.This silver version has a silver mesh peony on top.Here's the gold version of this: Gold version

Carved Shell Hairstick Buyao with silver goldfish and lotus/贝壳金鱼莲花步摇

0044-1w 0044-2w Materials:carved shell, brass, shell pearl, crystal, red agate, opal Hairstick length: Approx 13cm Dangle length: Approx 12cm The flower on top is plum while the one below between the goldfish and the opal bead is a multiple-petal lotus.

Carved Phoenix Buyao with Fan Pendant 黑檀凤凰扇子步摇

0042-1w 0042-2w Materials: African blackwood, brass, glass, shell pearl, crystal Hair-stick length: Approx 18cm Dangle length: Approx 11cm Pearl and phoenix flying in the sky. The pierced golden bead has the pattern of 祥云(propitious clouds).

Carved Phoenix Feather Buyao with jade butterfly/黑檀凤羽玉蝶步摇

0043-1w 0043-2w Materials:African blackwood, pressed amber, jade butterfly, jade, crystal, glass, agate Hairstick length: Approx 18cm Dangle length: Approx 11cm Phoenix feather, gold and red pressed “flower” amber bead, delicate jade butterfly and agate teardrop (love the natural stone veining :3)