Crescent moon and silver rabbit buyao/月牙银兔步摇 [SOLD]

0045-1w 0045-2w Materials: brass, shell pearl, crystal, opal, carved shell Hairstick length: Approx 18cm Dangle length: Approx 13cm Rabbit in the moon theme with whimsical carved shell crescent moon and silver rabbit.This silver version has a silver mesh peony on top.Here's the gold version of this: Gold version

Carved Shell Hairstick Buyao with silver goldfish and lotus/贝壳金鱼莲花步摇

0044-1w 0044-2w Materials:carved shell, brass, shell pearl, crystal, red agate, opal Hairstick length: Approx 13cm Dangle length: Approx 12cm The flower on top is plum while the one below between the goldfish and the opal bead is a multiple-petal lotus.

Carved Phoenix Feather Buyao with jade butterfly/黑檀凤羽玉蝶步摇

0043-1w 0043-2w Materials:African blackwood, pressed amber, jade butterfly, jade, crystal, glass, agate Hairstick length: Approx 18cm Dangle length: Approx 11cm Phoenix feather, gold and red pressed “flower” amber bead, delicate jade butterfly and agate teardrop (love the natural stone veining :3)

Carved Phoenix Buyao with Fan Pendant 黑檀凤凰扇子步摇

0042-1w 0042-2w Materials: African blackwood, brass, glass, shell pearl, crystal Hair-stick length: Approx 18cm Dangle length: Approx 11cm Pearl and phoenix flying in the sky. The pierced golden bead has the pattern of 祥云(propitious clouds).

Deep in the Courtyard Gardens/庭院深深深几许

0041-1w 0041-2w Materials: brass, crystal, jade, cloisonne butterfly, glass teardrops Metal hair stick length: Approx 18.5cm Dangle length: Approx 14.5cm Inspired by my fav Ouyang Xiu poem 《蝶恋花·庭院深深深几许》 (Song dynasty) about a wife who waits in vain for her philandering husband's return while trapped within her home.

Plum flower hairpin with purple crystals 梅花紫水晶发插

0005modw Materials:Swarovski crystal, metal, freshwater pearl, crystal, jade, beading wire, shell pearls Metal hairstick length: Approx 13cm Longer dangle length: Approx 8cm Natural freshwater pearl used in center of flower.

First Collection on Display for Sale at He Yue Zhai!

HYZ3 HYZ5 HYZ4 HYZ2 HYZ1 Some of the babies from my first collection on display for sale at He Yue Zhai. In case you are curious about the other objects in the glass cabinets, they are displays related to the Chinese incense ceremony classes that He Yue Zhai holds. You can contact them if you're in Singapore and interested in Chinese incense appreciation. The shelf beneath my jewelry in the last photo holds a box of incense samples from various parts of Asia. Cool right?

Crescent moon and gold rabbit buyao/月牙金兔步摇

0040w Materials: carved bone hairstick, carved shell flower, crystal, carved shell moon, opal, glass Hairstick: 15.5cm Dangle: 13cm Rabbit in the moon theme again with whimsical carved shell crescent moon and golden rabbit.  EDIT: I made a silver version of this but it has been sold. Silver Version

Pipa Song Buyao/琵琶行步摇

0039-1w 0039-2w
Materials: carved shell hairstick, acrylic peony, jade, shell pearl, crystals, fluorite,Xiuyan jade pipa Hairstick: 13cm Dangle: 10cm Inspired by Bai Juyi's famous poem 《琵琶行》. The glow-in-the-dark fluorite bead represents the autumn moon in the poem.The jade pipa is attached to large and small pearls as well as jade beads symbolizing the famous lines " 大珠小珠落玉盤" (Large and small pearls fall on a jade plate)

Orchid and Lily of the Valley Buyao/兰花和铃兰步摇

0038w Materials: metal, red agate, carved shell lilies of the valley, crystals, glass, shell pearl Hairstick: 15.5cm Dangles: 7.5cm 空谷幽兰。一个隐秘的蝴蝶花谷。水晶水滴代表花上的晨露。 Secluded orchid in an empty valley.A hidden valley of butterflies. Crystal tear drops symbolize the morning dew on the flowers.