Due to Covid-19 related international shipping issues, the shop will be closed until the pandemic is under control. Please take care of yourself and stay safe!

Artist/Artisan. About Ink Jade Studio Ink Jade majored in Japanese at university and fell in love with kimonos and other traditional Japanese handicrafts while in Japan. However, she realized one day that she knew more about other cultures than her own and decided to start exploring traditional Chinese arts and crafts. She discovered hanfu (traditional Han Chinese dress) while surfing online and longed for exquisite handmade accessories rooted in Chinese tradition. Hence she decided to start Ink Jade Studio, the first shop in Singapore dedicated to accessories inspired by Chinese culture so that people are able to buy unique handmade accessories locally. About Ink Jade Ink Jade lives in Singapore with her two three marimos as well as various Chinese musical instruments all of which she plays really badly. She dreams of leading a quiet geriatric lifestyle that involves being in bed by ten. At the moment, she is still trying to adjust to the twenty-first century. Please wish her best of luck in both endeavors. Interests: hanfu, organic vegetarian cooking (yes, I’m crunchy and make my own nutty granola), natural skincare, handmade cold-processed soap, perfumes, traditional Chinese culture. If you know me irl, please refer to me online by my 号(artist name) “Ink Jade” or “墨璇“ instead of my real name. Thanks. More of me: Facebook: www.facebook.com/inkjadestudio Tumblr Blog: http://inkjadestudio.tumblr.com/


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