Chongyang Festival 重阳节 October 28

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Chongyang Festival

Chongyang Festival or the Double Ninth Festival is held on the ninth day of the ninth month under the Chinese lunar calendar. It is traditional on this day to climb mountains and to celebrate by admiring chrysanthemums which bloom luxuriantly at this time of the year, drinking chrysanthemum wine and eating chrysanthemum cakes. It is also traditional to pay one's respects to the elders on this day.

More about this festival: Double Ninth Festival

I just bought my first digital tablet (a low-end Wacom) and this is my first digital art. I've never done digital painting before and I'm new to Krita so I hope I can improve in the future.

I've tried to put in both chrysanthemums, chrysanthemum wine and mountain-climbing, which are essential elements of the festival. The "mountain" is actually meant to be a penjing (tray landscape) on a table with the chrysanthemum wine. I am a indoor kind of person so I am having fun fantasizing about being on the "mountain". By the way, Japanese bonsai derived from Chinese penjing, not the other way round but the aesthetics are different.

More about Chinese Penjing:

Penjing: A Chinese Renaissance



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Experiment with unconventional elements for avant-garde Thobe styling. Play with asymmetrical draping or deconstructed silhouettes. Unexpected details challenge moroccan thobes uk traditional norms. Bold experimentation pushes the boundaries of Thobe design.

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