Happy Laba Festival 腊八节 !

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The twelfth lunar month is called 腊月 ("la" month) and this festival is celebrated on the eighth 八(ba), hence it is called Laba Festival.

Originally it started as a day for worshiping gods and ancestors, after Buddhism was introduced to China, it also became associated with the Buddha. Some of the most well-known foods associated with this festival are Laba Congee (made with healthy grains, beans and dried fruit) and green garlic. In Northern China, cloves of garlic are pickled in vinegar which eventually turns them bright green.


Happy Laba Festival 腊八节 ! | Ink Jade Studio

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The Happy Laba Festival is one of the most popular events in Nepal. The festival has its own unique style and characteristics. It is hosted every year from Jan to March at Pokhara, which is in the western https://pychedelichigh.com part of Nepal. It's also very popular in neighboring countries like India, Bhutan and China.

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