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Purple natural freshwater pearl bracelet with rhinestone clasp 紫色淡水珍珠水钻扣手链

0008w SGD$35 Materials:nylon, metal, Toho seed beads, purple freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls, rhinestone clasp Length: 18.5cm Available for sale at He Yue Zhai Guqin Music and Arts Centre.

Accessories For Sale

Etsy Shop: My accessories consist of two different lines: "Chinese Wind" (中国风)for designs inspired by Chinese culture and as well as "Enchanted Garden" for Western-inspired designs.You can check them out under their respective categories. Items in "Chinese Wind"(中国风) will be suitable for wear with hanfu (汉服), Chinese wedding tea ceremonies, Chinese New Year and other traditional occasions. Email: inkjadestudio(at)gmail(dot)com    


Artist/Artisan. About Ink Jade Studio Ink Jade majored in Japanese at university and fell in love with kimonos and other traditional Japanese handicrafts while in Japan. However, she realized one day that she knew more about other cultures than her own and decided to start exploring traditional Chinese arts and crafts. She discovered hanfu (traditional Han Chinese dress) while surfing online and longed for exquisite handmade accessories rooted in Chinese tradition.