April 2015

Singapore has opened up post-pandemic, so the shop is re-opened for business! Sorry for the long wait!

Crescent moon and gold rabbit buyao/月牙金兔步摇

0040w Materials: carved bone hairstick, carved shell flower, crystal, carved shell moon, opal, glass Hairstick: 15.5cm Dangle: 13cm Rabbit in the moon theme again with whimsical carved shell crescent moon and golden rabbit.  EDIT: I made a silver version of this but it has been sold. Silver Version

Pipa Song Buyao/琵琶行步摇

0039-1w 0039-2w
Materials: carved shell hairstick, acrylic peony, jade, shell pearl, crystals, fluorite,Xiuyan jade pipa Hairstick: 13cm Dangle: 10cm Inspired by Bai Juyi's famous poem 《琵琶行》. The glow-in-the-dark fluorite bead represents the autumn moon in the poem.The jade pipa is attached to large and small pearls as well as jade beads symbolizing the famous lines " 大珠小珠落玉盤" (Large and small pearls fall on a jade plate)

Orchid and Lily of the Valley Buyao/兰花和铃兰步摇

0038w Materials: metal, red agate, carved shell lilies of the valley, crystals, glass, shell pearl Hairstick: 15.5cm Dangles: 7.5cm 空谷幽兰。一个隐秘的蝴蝶花谷。水晶水滴代表花上的晨露。 Secluded orchid in an empty valley.A hidden valley of butterflies. Crystal tear drops symbolize the morning dew on the flowers.

Rabbit Carved Shell Comb/白兔贝壳雕刻梳

0037w Materials: carved shell comb, carved shell rabbit/flowers, shell pearl, natural freshwater pearl Length:10cm Breadth:5cm

Autumn maple buyao /秋枫步摇

Materials: pure brass, resin flowers, pressed flower amber, crystals,red agate, pressed blood amber,glass Hairstick: 15.2cm Dangle: 10.3cm

Plum flower hairclip/梅花装发夹

0035w Materials: metal, rabbit fur, red agate, fake cloth flower, shell pearls, delica beads, brass bell, tassels Hairclip length:7.5cm Tassel:13cm

Purple fluorite butterfly with tassels buyao/紫萤石蝴蝶流苏步摇

0034-1w 0034-2w
Materials: 黑檀木(carved wood), crystal, carved fluorite butterfly/flower, tassels Hairstick: 10cm Tassels: 17cm The fluorite butterfly is really pretty with natural bands of color. No two butterflies are the same because they are hand-carved from natural stone! I'm so tempted to buy a butterfly for myself...

Jade Rabbit Buyao/玉兔步摇

Materials:carved shell hairstick/cloud/flower, fluorite, xiuyan jade rabbit, opal, crystals, shell pearls, glass Hairstick: 13.7cm Dangle: 10.2cm Inspired by Chinese folklore about the Jade Rabbit in the moon.The fluorite bead glows brightly in the dark after light exposure symbolizing the full moon.
This photo was taken in the dark to show the glow (^^)y

Pearl, butterfly and Peony hairclip/珍珠蝶恋牡丹花发夹

0032w Materials: silver-plated brass, metal, ceramic, rabbit fur, feather, carved shell butterfly, Swarovski pearls, tassel, acrylic peony Hairclip length: 7.5cm  Tassel: 11.5cm

Autumn Fantasy with Glowing Lantern Buyao /秋思步摇 (附月光灯)

0031-2w0031-1w Materials: pure brass, red agate, pressed blood amber, watermelon skin crystal Hairstick: 15.2cm Dangle: 13.5cm Bead in the lantern glows in the dark after exposure to light. 0031-3w This photo was taken in the dark to show the effect which is why it's blurry. Cool eh? ( ^ ^)